When lifestyle changes, medications and other non-invasive treatments cannot cure your symptoms, surgery may be recommended. Our office is trained in a variety of gynecological surgeries, including the da Vinci Surgical System.

da Vinci is a minimally invasive surgery that employs the use of robotic arms and wrists, which are steadier than the human wrist, to operate with precision, dexterity and control. The robotic arm is controlled by your surgeon and follows her movements—in a more precise fashion. This technology allows for a few small incisions, similar to those of laparoscopy, over one large incision. da Vinci surgical procedures are a wonderful option for gynecological surgeries, as they are more well-suited to gynecologic conditions than open surgery. Read more about the da Vinci system here.

Open surgery has been the standard approach to gynecological surgeries for many years, and is still used. This type of surgery requires a large incision and to allow a surgeon to fit her hands into the cavity in order to operate. Significant pain and recovery time should be expected with open surgery, as compared to a less painful and easier recovery with the use of da Vinci.