FertilityWhether you are looking to start a family, or for birth control options, Her Complete Healthcare is here for you.

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Beginning the process to becoming pregnant is not always easy. One in seven couples struggle with conception and fertility. We want you to know you are not alone. Dr. Bernstein will work with you during this often painful time to ensure you feel supported and help you move towards conceiving, carrying and delivering a full-term baby.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your options and receive a fertility workup. During this appointment you will be asked questions regarding medical history and lifestyle issues. Additional tests for male and female fertility may be ordered. You will be able to present concerns and ask questions.

One treatment option provided by Dr. Bernstein is Clomid stimulation. Clomid is a fertility drug used to treat ovulatory dysfunction, frequently noted by prolonged cycles, polycystic ovaries, or irregular menses. Clomid induces ovulation and success is most likely to occur within the first three to six ovulatory cycles of therapy.

Together, you and your doctor can decide the best route to take for fertility success.