Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the breast and is most commonly diagnosed in women. An unusual lump in the breast or a change in breast shape can be a sign of breast cancer.

Regular screenings are important for the prevention of breast cancer. Both of the following procedures will help in identifying early signs of breast cancer so that treatments may have a higher success rate.

Breast Exam

Breast exams are completed by Dr. Bernstein in the office. The doctor will look and feel your breast to check for lumps or abnormalities that may be a sign of breast cancer. Dr. Bernstein will also show you how to do a similar exam on yourself outside of the office, it is important to regularly check yourself for changes in your breast tissue. Be sure to voice any questions you may have during this exam.


Mammograms are also performed by Dr. Bernstein in our office. This is an x-ray procedure that looks for any irregular changes of the breast tissue that could be a sign of breast cancer. Mammograms are the leading indicator of breast cancer and aid in early prevention. Mammograms can help to identify breast cancer in women who show no other signs of the disease. They are also used to better understand the level and severity of breast cancer after a lump or abnormality has been found. Ask Dr. Bernstein how often you should be scheduling your mammograms.